How Does It Work?

Discount Energy Plan works with every major Retail Energy Provider (REP) to get you the best utility rates available. We do everything possible to save you money. We carefully review your energy consumption. We evaluate all available options, and we negotiate the best pricing. We find you the rate plans that save you the most money on your electric and natural gas bills.

We work in every deregulated market representing commercial electricity and natural gas. In some markets, we are also able to provide residential savings.

Our focus is simple: to save you as much money as possible while ensuring that the reliability, quality of service, and customer support remain at the highest of levels. The end result is lower rates without any risk whatsoever.

The process is simple:

1. Fill out your contact information.

2. We call to confirm your inquiry and send you a Letter of Authorization (LOA).

3. Fill out the LOA and gather 3 to 6 months of energy bills.

4. Fax the LOA and most recent energy bills to us.

5. Within 5 business days, Discount Energy Plan will contact you with the best money-saving energy plans available.

6. Simply choose the plan that you like best. Sign the offer and contract and return it by fax.

7. You then pay lower utility rates and begin saving money on your monthly energy bills.

This is a No-Hassle process. There is no-risk, and no-cost.

We operate with integrity to find you the best energy utility rates. You make the decisions, and if a plan makes sense to you, you choose to switch from your current supplier. The end result: If you switch to a new utility service plan,, you receive the same exact quality, service, and delivery, but you pay less for it.

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