What is Energy Deregulation?

Simply put, "Energy Deregulation" introduces competition among the companies who supply the energy that we use every day. These companies compete for our business by selling us the same energy at lower rates. This gives us the option to pay less for the electricity and natural gas that we are already using. Irregardless of who supplies this energy to us, it is delivered identically without any change at all.

The following video is a quick educational tutorial that will explain what energy deregulation is and provide insight into how it saves us money.

Energy deregulation allows us (as businesses and consumers) to choose who we want to supply electricity and natural gas to our local distributor. This means that everything is delivered in exactly the same way by our local distributor, without any change whatsoever. Service, delivery, and supply all remain the same. The only difference is that we now have a choice to select who our local distributor gets their energy from. This gives us an option to choose to pay a lower price from a competitor.

This competition enables us to choose to lower our monthly energy rates without any change to our local service whatsoever. There is no risk in choosing a lower rate, because nothing changes with the energy that is delivered and is  used every day.

To Summarize

There is NO-RISK WHATSOEVER: if you choose an energy supplier that offers lower rates!

  • NO CHANGE: Nothing changes at all with the way that energy is delivered to your home. Bills are delivered and paid in the same way.

  • CONSISTENT ENERGY DELIVERY: By law, energy is provided to our businesses and homes in the same, consistent way regardless of which energy supplier actually provides the electricity and natural gas to the local distributor.

  • NO SERVICE INTERRUPTION: There is no service interruption at all, because electricity and natural gas are delivered in the exact same way they have always been delivered and without any change at all. The same natural gas and electricity is delivered to the business or home. The only thing that changes is the rate that is charged by the retail energy provider you are using.

  • SAME LOCAL SERVICE: The local delivery and local service that is provided continues in exactly the same way, but with a lower monthly rate for the energy that is used. This means that if you need to call for local service, everything stays the same.

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